Pipeline Planner


A real estate agent’s to-do list, goal setting guide, journal, expense tracker, and pipeline manager all in one planner.

Pipeline Planner is crafted to help real estate professionals organize and align their tactical day-to-day tasks with larger business and personal goals.


There are many benefits to using Pipeline Planner:

  • Achieve work / life balance
  • Boost productivity
  • Gain clarity
  • Develop better habits
  • Locate more prospects
  • Generate more leads
  • Crush your goals
  • Be happier

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Real estate agents have lofty goals that are usually achieved as a result of everyday steps. In fact, it is almost always those regular daily processes that lead to long-term success and more real estate closings. This tool is the canvas to note these big-picture goals and make those everyday plans, all in one place.


To help you achieve your personal and professional goals, this 6-month undated planner contains the following:

  • 24 Time Management Tips for Real Estate Agents
  • 24 Business Building / Lead Generation Activities
  • 24 Weekly Milestone Pages
  • 6 Months of Daily Pages
  • 24 Weekly Wrap-Up Pages
  • 6 Monthly Review Pages
  • 18 Thought-Provoking Business Motivators
  • 21 Notes & Ideas Pages
  • Production Analysis Tables, Charts, and Calculators
  • Plenty of space to mind map, brainstorm, and note just about everything you need
    and want to do in your business

Pipeline Planner’s innovative framework is simple enough to help you hit your real estate business plan goals and accomplish remarkable things, all while having the flexibility you need. For example, I’ve left everything undated, so you never feel left behind. Planning and making changes should be based on the direction of your personal real estate career, not about waiting until January 1st to make new choices and launch forward.

With Pipeline Planner, you can start implementing actionable change today.

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