Everyone loves a rest and or a vacation. And, there is a reason for that! There is research to show that resting can actually make you more productive!

When you have those moments where you haven’t gotten much done but you’re not doing much to get ahead, step away from the computer. Forcing yourself to work when you are not being productive benefits no one. Take a rest and see why it is actually productive for you in the long run: 

Why Resting Is Productive

  • Time to heal. Without proper sleep, our body cannot function correctly. Getting 8 hours of sleep could be the reset your body needs to get back in gear. Consistently striving for 8 hours of sleep a night can keep your body healthy and engaged each day. 
  • Muscle relaxation. Your brain is a muscle. Are you constantly flexing your arm and leg muscles? No. Then why would you do that to your brain? You allow other muscles to recover, the same should be done for your brain. Stretch your brain with puzzles or brain teasers outside of work to keep your mind active but not focused on the same task each day. 
  • Better productivity. When you feel drained and are pushing to get the most out of your mind, you cannot expect great results. Giving yourself time to get away once in a while. Go to the beach, take a walk in the park or enjoy a good book with a warm cup of coffee or tea at your local cafe. Allowing yourself time away will encourage you to come back and be more productive than before.           

Do you ever have those moments when you are working on something and you can’t seem to finish it? You call it quits, get some sleep and the next morning you finish it within 30 minutes!  That concept applies here. Allowing yourself time to rest can let your brain relax and become more creative now that it has had time to be away from the task at hand and offer a new perspective. 

In those moments where you find yourself overwhelmed and wanting to finish everything at once, take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. Create a list of priorities, with the main priorities being at the top and the less urgent priorities at the bottom. Finishing top priorities can help you feel like you’ve accomplished more with your day rather than getting bogged down that you didn’t finish everything on your list. 

Remember resting is productive. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, take time each day to rest your mind periodically before starting your work again to be more efficient. The advice given here are some suggestions but you may have your own preferred ways of resting. Whatever they may be, ensure that they give your mind and body the recharge they need to be the most productive. 

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