If you are like most agents and most business owners, you no doubt created a business plan in late 2019 with some goals for amazing results in 2020. If you’re still on that course, power to you! Sadly, however, most agents have seen many deals fall apart due to the impact of the coronavirus. There are tons of memes floating around about how money was likely wasted on a 2020 planner, given the current situation.

If you purchased a Pipeline Planner (or a daily planner of any sort), we’ve put together a list of 3 ways you can use your planner right now, even if your business plans have been foiled by the spread of the coronavirus.

3 Ways to Use Your Pipeline Planner Right Now

  1. Use the journaling pages. At the end of each section there are some thought-provoking questions and plenty of space for journaling and mind-mapping. Research shows that writing in a journal helps to clarify ideas and find new ones. If you are looking for ways to change the direction of your business right now, consider jumping to one of the journaling pages and answering one of the thought-provoking questions. You never know… you might get that multi-million dollar idea that changes the direction of your business!
  2. Make lists. Kids getting in the way of completing tasks? Trouble planning out the day due to constant interruptions of family life? The good news is that this means you are human. Each and every daily page has spots to make lists—list of client prospects, list of marketing ideas, lists of things to buy at the grocery store.
  3. Shelf it for next year. If you are absolutely done with 2020 and refuse to give your daily planner a place in your life this year, consider organizing your bookshelf. Rainbow bookshelves are en vogue right now. And, you can kill a day or even a week, but redoing your bookshelves. Our vegan leather planner is a lovely shade of navy, and fit in well on a bookshelf such as the ones in this photo.


Organize Your BooksImage by Michael J Lee

There’s no question that 2020 is going to be a year that we will remember. Consider making those memories more positive with the suggestions provided above!