With regard to the world of sales (of which real estate agents are a huge part), there is a misconception that all salespeople are extroverts.

But, let me clear up this misconception. Extroverts aren’t all social butterflies, and introverts aren’t necessarily shy. Believe it or not, the extravert-introvert divide isn’t about being either of those extremes. This distinction is defined by where people derive their energy— people or solitude. Introverts gain energy by being alone, and extroverts are invigorated by social situations.

Case in point: Lots of people were going nuts staying at home during the pandemic, and others were absolutely loving it. Can you identify which is which? That’s right, the introvert loved those Zoom calls, the quiet time writing blog posts and posting to social media. 

Regarding sales, research has shown that being an extrovert doesn’t automatically translate into an amazing sales career. In fact, according to this WaPo article, a meta-analysis of 35 studies that surveyed 4,000 salespeople found almost zero correlation between extraversion and sales performance. And on an individual level, both extroverts and introverts possess characteristics that contribute to their success in sales.

If you believe you possess some of these 21 signs that you might be an introvert, not to worry. Here are 5 ways to sell homes if you are an introvert.

5 Ways to Sell Homes if You Are an Introvert

  1. Stick to a schedule. If the thought of door knocking or making cold calls makes you wince, create a schedule of money-making activities that does not. Write blog posts, make and post videos, create direct marketing pieces, send emails. All of those activities will ultimately result in people contacting you—not you contacting them.
  2. Follow a marketing calendar. Create a calendar of marketing and advertising activities and then stick to your calendar. It is far easier for an introvert to attend to those disciplined daily and weekly tasks then it is to spend days in large social settings.
  3. Attend 1-2 conferences or educational events per year. Despite the fact that you may not enjoy them, it is very important that you attend 1-2 educational events and several networking events per year. Select those carefully and set yourself up for fun, but attending with a close friend or partner.
  4. Host an informational seminar. Host an informational seminar where you or someone you have partnered with is the speaker. Introverts can be excellent public speakers; they just don’t derive a ton of pleasure from the social portion that goes a long with it. Consider events such as first time buy seminars, 1031 exchange events, and home design or staging workshops.
  5. Hire a virtual assistant. If you absolutely must make calls and cannot for fear of having to converse with others, then hire a virtual assistant to provide you with support or make the first call. Once the recipient of the call is warmed up, then the information can be turned over to you and the call is a little bit warmer and less intimidating.

Believe it or not, introverts in sales have the advantage. They are terrific listeners and think before they speak. Want to learn more, check out this phenomenal book that really addresses the sales advantages of introverts!