Get to Work! Office Inspiration for Real Estate Agents

by | Jan 8, 2020

With the new year already here, now is the time to get your office space ready for the most productive year imaginable. To that end, we looked around to see how other folks with tucked in tight spaces have managed their office spaces. Here are some that have won our hearts and are truly awe-inspiring that you can copy for your own home office.

Creative Home Offices Behind a Sliding door

Image from MKCA

Surprise everyone who asks you, where you work. The simple addition of the sliding doors cleverly conceals this home office so when you decide to take your mind completely off of work, you can focus on entertainment only and chilling out in the living room.

clever book storage

Image from Christophe Vendel

Love books? Here’s an idea if you’re looking for a stylish way to store them, hide them under your workdesk! The gallery wall is not only inspiring, but also perfectly compliments the books under the table plus the addition of the mismatched chairs contribute a sense of playfulness.

add plants to your home office

Image from decor8blog

Plants help increase productivity, creativity and reduce stress. Plus it easily gives life, to you literally, and to the look and mood of any space, especially minimal workspaces.

Invest in a standing desk

Image from Laurel & Wolf

You’re probably already familiar with standing desks and how it avoids you from being glued to your chair all day, thus helping you with your overall health.

workspace under the stairs

Image from digsdigs

Add a desk, comfy chair, computer and personal items that inspire you (even if that’s booze, no judging) under the stairs, and you’ve got yourself your home office nook.

Is your office space a corner or your home, the sofa in your den, or do you have a dedicated area? If you’re looking to do something special with your office design, we hope that these images have inspired you!


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