Now that we are all staying home more, some spaces will need to be multi-use. Here is some cool workspace inspiration so you can create a space you truly love at home both during the quarantine and beyond.

Design Inspirations for Your Work Spaces at Home

Take up space in the living room, install a floating shelf and grab a comfy chairyou’ve just created your little nook where you can focus on your work. You can also paint it in either your favorite color to get you excited and inspired or something earthy like greens and blues evoke a feeling of calm if you are looking to reduce stress.


Living small? Why not share a table with your roomie? This setup is also reminiscent of an open plan office space. We also love the forest mural that brings life and breath to a dull room.


We think this is geniusa small table by the bookshelf can serve as a reading nook, small meeting room and a work space as well!


How about an adjustable desk? Perfect for those who love to be productive and are conscious about their health and well-being while working from home.


Or place your work desk by the windowbetter if you have an awe-inspiring view to help get your creative juices flowing.

Which of these ideas do you love best? Let us know in the comments! Hope these helped spark some ideas for your own home office.