Our Pipeline Planner is designed to help real estate agents to control their day and keep track of all those little things that you cannot monitor in your phone, while conversing with clients, and while being out and about. It also helps by providing thought-provoking information that allows agents to consider new and different ways to approach the aspects of their real estate business in order to be more efficient and successful.

However, many real estate agents have reached out to us and asked questions such as this one: 

“I really love real estate, but I am not a planner. And, while I have been able to do about 10-12 transactions per year, I just cannot plan my day. What do you recommend?”

That is a great question and so timely. Right now, it is more difficult than ever to control your day, since much more of it is done at home, with distractions from pets, children, roommates and significant others. How do you control your day when there is chaos all around you?

First and foremost, it is important to designate a workstation. Set up your computer, identify a comfortable chair, grab a good headset and your phone charger, and make sure that you have a place that you are comfortable working. Statistics show that if you like your surroundings, you’ll be there more. So, if you like your work station, you won’t mind spending time there. Makes sense, right?

Next, decide how many days per week and/or hours per day you can reasonably be at your workstation. For some, 8 hours is a piece of cake. For others, 1 hour is a chore. Select a reasonable timeframe and then add on 15 minutes each few days, until you hit the daily goal you’d like to achieve. For example, some people might say, I will sit in my chair until I make 20 calls. Grab two jars and then move a paperclip from jar 1 to jar 2, until you have completed all 20 calls. Reward yourself with a walk around the block, a nice podcast, a game of fetch with your dog, a swim in the pool—whatever gets you back in the groove.

Last, decide how you will spend that time. What percentage of your week will be devoted to prospecting, calling past clients and sphere of influence, reaching out to prospective new clients, setting appointments, calling expireds or FSBOs, creating new marketing materials, working on videos and social media posts, etc. Figure out a plan that work for you—a realistic plan and not a dream—and then stick to it!

In the 1990s, I saw an episode of 60 Minutes where they discussed how to get your child to eat vegetables. I had a small child, and obviously this episode had some impact on me since I remember it to this day. They stated that if your child doesn’t like vegetables, you need to put them on the plate at least 11 times in a row before you can expect any interest in the vegetables. I’d like to posit the following: try a new routine for 11 days in a row and don’t give up. If it works for spinach and broccoli, then it may work for you!