Believe it or not, sending personal notes is quite possibly the most effective and least expensive way to increase your business and your closings. Even in 2021, some people just love to put pen to paper—whether it’s a short message on a store-bought card or a long, handwritten letter on personal stationary. For others, the idea of writing a personal note is intimidating and stressful—especially now, during the COVID crisis.

If you’re struggling about what to say and how to craft the perfect personal note, here are some ideas that will help you to write notes that will get your phone to ring.

How to Craft the Perfect Personal Note to a Client or Prospect

How well you know the recipient will have a great impact on the content of your note. So, always think about some personal nugget that you can add in order to make the recipient feel that you are paying attention and that you remember them.

A perfect note always starts with an introductory sentence:

  • Thank you note: “Just a quick note to say thanks so much for…”
  • Personal greeting: “It has been several months since we have spoken and I just wanted to reach out and…”
  • Sympathy:  “I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how sorry I am to hear…”

A perfect note always mentions something personal that both parties can relate to. Depending upon how well you know the recipient, this can be one sentence or several sentences.

  • Thank you note: If you received a gift, try to explain how you are putting it to good use with details.
  • Personal greeting: Share a fond memory, ask about family, check in on the recipient’s pets, update the recipient on any recent changes in your life, say what prompted you to reach out.
  • Sympathy: Share of fond memory or two.

A perfect note always has a closing sentence:

  • Thank you note: “I am so grateful to you for… and I look forward to seeing you/hearing from you/speaking to you soon.”
  • Personal greeting: “Again, I hope that this note finds you well, and I look forward to seeing you/hearing from you/speaking to you soon.”
  • Sympathy: Close again by saying how sorry you are for the loss and offering your support, if appropriate.

Remember that Pipeline Planner has lots of tips and tricks to help you in your business Writing personal notes is just one of them!