Looking for client gift ideas for the holiday season? Looking for something beyond the traditional refrigerator magnet calendar? There are tons of great gift ideas for clients, and gift-giving at the holidays (or at the very least, sending a card) is a great way to remind past clients and people in your sphere of influence about the services you offer. 

(As an aside, several years ago, I ran into someone at the grocery store who asked me if I was “still” in the real estate business. To date, nothing has bothered me more because this indicated that my follow up and advertising was not reaching that person. To avoid suffering the same fate and perhaps losing out on good leads, reaching out and perhaps using one of these ideas, might be a good idea.)

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Here are 5 ideas for holiday gift giving for your clients and sphere of influence:

  1. Holiday Pies. Holiday pies make nice gifts. You can send coupons to your clients with a holiday card and tell them to come pick up their pie at the office at a date you specify. Arrange with your local bakery to buy a large quantity of pies or other baked goods.
  2. Poinsettia plants. Super easy and super affordable. The local Home Depot had them for $1.98 the other day. Pick up a few at your local store or nursery or make an arrangement to buy them in bulk, and spend a day or two dropping them off with a special custom gift card.
  3. Smart Plug. This may seem random, but these smart plugs are really great for putting lamps on at random times of day as increased security. Again, these are great to buy in bulk and drop off for your top tier clients. If you want to go the extra mile, an Alexa Echo Dot is also a great gift (and they have gone way down in price since Amazon started selling them.)
  4. Cutco Knives. Always popular among agents, I really like the sandwich spreader pack because you can get your logo and phone number engraved on it. What a great regular reminder to your client of where they can contact you!
  5. Tit for tat except not in a retaliatory way… Right before the pandemic, our office collected unwrapped toys for a local charitable organization. What we did was that we had a holiday taco party. And, for each unwrapped toy we received, we gave the giver a custom designed t-shirt and also entered the giver in a raffle for a week long trip to Mexico. Not only did we get to visit with all of our past clients and sphere, but we also have 200+ local folks wearing promotional t-shirts with our name on it.

Got more ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Best wishes to you for a happy, healthy holiday! ???