Everyday Essentials of a Real Estate Agent

by | Feb 5, 2020

If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, you may know our theory that being a real estate agent is just like being a plate spinner at the circus. The more plates you can spin at one time (the more leads you can work with and projects you can handle), the more transactions you’ll have in your sales pipeline. To that end, it is important to have good system and habits, and it is equally important to be extremely organized. Keeping your work bag organized will actually lead to more productivity! As such, if you are looking for an easy way to increase your productivity, why not start with cleaning and organizing your work bag this week?

Here’s What I’ve Got in My Work Bag

I’m a work in progress as it often seems difficult for me to keep my bag clean and organized. I’ve always got to bring home some paperwork or throw in some receipts or mail, and I’m sure most real estate agents are probably in the same position. Nevertheless, each weekend I try my best to go through my bag and reduce it down to the necessities. Here’s what I’ve got in there today.

agent daily essentials

Bag Organizer: Since my tote bag has no separator’s I ordered this very nice tote bag organizer that gives more form to the bag and has tons of pockets and pouches

Water Bottle: I’m always challenged to get in the recommended amount of water each day. I have water bottles in my bag, on my desk, and in my car and attempt to use all of them every day.

Pipeline Planner: Even though I’m a big fan of tech, it really helps me to use the Pipeline Planner to jot down my daily goals, quick notes, and to do some and mapping and journaling.

agent daily essentials-2

MacBook Pro (15”) with Soft Touch Clear Case

Wireless Mouse: When I’m not on the road, I use the separate mouse and keyboard because it helps me to be just a tad quicker in accomplishing my tasks on the computer.

Apple Keyboard: I’ve found that if I am at home or at the office, I prefer to use a separate keyboard (not the one on the laptop) because I feel that I can type more quickly and thus, am more productive.

USB Adapter for MacBook Pro: the Pro does not have any USB ports, so I purchased this handy adapter

Hans-Swipe Screen Cleaner: This is my new favorite thing. It seems like I can never keep my screen clean, but this seems to really help!

agent daily essentials-3

Multi-use 3-in-one Cable: This is my absolute favorite cable (if you can fall in love with a cable) because it can charge a phone an Apple watch, and the computer all at the same time

Cord and Cable Organizer: Super handy cable bag that I tote around with me–mostly because the agents in my office are always asking to borrow one of my cords or adapters

Tassel Keychain Charging Cable: This was a gift from my friends at Referral Exchange, but they have it online and it has been a very handy addition

agent daily essentials-4

Post-It Notes: I fill my planner and the top of my MacBook with post-its of the daily reminders and quick to-dos that are not quite important enough to make it into the planner (buy milk, call the doctor, etc)

Ipad Stylus: I most often use the stylus to highlight when I am reading or making notes on my iPad

Air pods with charging case: I splurged on these on Black Friday and I am definitely a convert!

Business Card Holder and Cards: I am so surprised by the number of people I meet that forget to keep their cards on them for passing. I recently bought everyone in my office a new business card holder, and they love ‘em.

Here’s What the Mister Has in his Work Bag

I took a few quick photos of the mister’s work bag. He is an insanely productive real estate agent with a team that includes a buyer’s agent, a transaction coordinator, an inside sales person and a marketing pro. As you can see, he is definitely a minimalist!

real estate male agent essentials

Here’s what had in his bag:

MacBook Air in a Soft Touch Case

Moleskine Journal

Montblanc Pen 

The Connector’s Way by Patrick Galvin

Highlighter Set

On the desk:

Echo Dot

Tape Dispenser (not available any longer, originally from Target)

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