Have you ever heard the adage, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” The implication here is that people who are already busy are accustomed to completing tasks efficiently. However, being busy and being productive are two completely different things. Here we present you with a few less conventional or unconventional ideas for how to increase or maintain your productivity.

6 Unconventional Productivity Tips for Real Estate Agents

Being Happy Makes You Productive

Happiness and optimism levels have a deep impact on productivity. As such, it is important to do things that give you real happiness and make you feel good about yourself. For instance, you do not like cold calling, find another way to get new business. This can be involving yourself in social work, joining a creative class, or learning a new language.

Practice Living in the Moment

Right from childhood, we have been taught to focus on our goals no matter how many obstacles we face. This continuous chasing the future can cause anxiety and dissatisfaction which also affects productivity. In order to stay happy and productive, you must start living in the present moment. That doesn’t mean that you should stop planning for the future, but you should start rejoicing in the present moment. 

Stop Checking that Email

I know you might be like uh, “Where’s this email thing coming from in between the happiness and present moment stuff”. The way you handle your mailbox is crucial to your productivity. If you begin your day by reading a big bunch of emails you are definitely wasting a lot of productive hours. Instead, the solution is to take the help of good technological tools which can save your time and effort in reading emails. For instance, if you use a project management tool you will get notifications only when something worth your attention takes place. Or set boundaries and times to check your email. You can even use filters and macros to reduce the load on your inbox.

Set Realistic Deadlines

Whether it is about personal goals or professional ones, it is important to set realistic deadlines. For instance, if you want to take 15 listings, you cannot expect that to happen overnight. You must also set short targets of completing X number of tasks in a particular time in order to accomplish your goals. With this simple practice, you will be able to move towards your goal peacefully.

Don’t Use Self-Pity

At times, when we fail to achieve our goals or are unable to follow that discipline it leads to guilt and regrets. Many people get trapped into victim consciousness and start blaming themselves for everything that goes wrong. Feel confident about yourself and believe in your capabilities. At the end, remember that only the best will happen.

Just Say No

Not only to drugs but to activities that you are on the fence about. If you get a call from a prospect and they have unreasonable expectations (such as they want a home for $100K under market value) or they want to sell their home for way over the current market price, you may end up not being happy with the listing or business relationship. To avoid this, go with your gut and say no to the sort of business that will get in the way of your success. After all, you can write 10+ offers and not get any accepted if the buyer is unrealistic, or you could use that same time to find people that you can support in a viable purchase.

These are just 6 unconventional productivity tips. Got any to add to the list? Feel free to share them with us!