Some people really get into keeping their stuff organized. We do, for sure! That’s why we created the Pipeline Planner. But, we took a survey of some of our fans and followers and asked them to share their most used office supplies. Here were the faves!


Top Office Supplies that Real Estate Agents Love

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  1. Desk Organizer. Obviously this is only good for agents that have a desk—either at home or at the office. But this organizer saves a ton of space and will help keep your printed documents, pencils, pens and other gizmos and gadgets within reach and not willy nilly on your desk. If you want to get your desk cleared off in Q4, this may be just the thing to help you!
  2. Desk mat. This is even better than a desk pad plus a mouse pad because it covers a larger space, rolls up as needed, and assures that if your computer gets warm, it does not burn or otherwise mark up your desk or work table. Members of our staff use this and give it 5 starts. 
  3. Blank book. It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are and how much you use your phone to make notes when out and about, there is always that time when you need space to write stuff down. And, do not even think about writing on an old receipt or the back of an envelope. We’ve found that using a blank book is a great way to keep all your notes in one place—especially so that they do not get lost and you can return and review them in the future. This one is A+!
  4. Power Strip. We just love this tower power strip. It seems to make the cable situation under the desk so much less unruly. Not only is it a surge suppressor with an on/off switch, but it also includes both 3 pronged plugs and USB connectors. Makes your life so, so much easier—especially when you’ve got lots of tech tools to charge!
  5. Password Journal. My 85 year old mother had one of these and I laughed. But the more I looked around and had some moments of forgetfulness, I thought she might be onto something. Password platforms are great and oh so secure, but these password journals (there are a ton to choose from) are pretty good for when you just need it and you don’t have access to your computer and password platform.

There are so many more great office tools to get yourself organized for Q4 and beyond. Got any favorites to add to the list? Please share them in the comments down below.