5 Proven Reasons You Fail To Use Your Planner Daily

by | Sep 6, 2019

I know that it is hard to believe but there are actually people who buy a planner with lofty hopes and goals, but then only use it for a few weeks before giving up.

5 Reasons You May Fail to Use Your Planner

Here are 5 proven reasons that you (or people that you know) may fail to use their planners daily

  1. You don’t have a plan. If I’m talking about you, then you already know this is true. You get up each day and then you consider what your daily activities are going to be. Market to sellers? Call a few buyers? Waiting for the phone to ring instead? If you want to see regular closings and no peaks and valleys in your income, it is vital for you to have a plan, to write it down, to analyze your statistics, and to reevaluate and regroup as needed. 
  2. You are unable to stick to your plan. Even a few of the agents in my office are guilty of having trouble sticking to plan. At the beginning of the year, agents often make a big hairy audacious goal of closing a ginormous amount of transactions, only to barely see double digits on their closings. A good plan is one that you can stick to —but that takes a lot of discipline (just like a diet or a regular gym routine). Try to identify what is getting in your way and work with a mentor to make changes accordingly.
  3. Some activity takes control of your day. I’m sure you can relate to this. You set out to attend a meeting and then handle some specific business activity, only to get a call that there is a plumbing leak at your listing or the key is missing from the lockbox. Your intervention in that activity dominates your day and takes you away from your original goals. If you have a plan, it is a good idea to write a contract with yourself that no matter what, you will not rest your head on your pillow until the activities on your daily plan are completed.
  4. You don’t see the value in writing things down. I saw a meme once that said “The biggest lie you tell yourself is that you will remember this tomorrow.” No matter whether that sounds like you or not, there is great value in making notes and writing things down. Things that you write down subliminally enter your mind at a deeper level; they are a written commitment, and, of course, they help you not to forget. Journal writing, too, helps you find clarity in thoughts and goals through writing. 
  5. You’re happy with your business the way it is. While I believe that may be true, I also know that nobody turns down an extra $20,000 in their bank account. When you set goals, keep a planner, and continually assess your business and readdress as needed, you will definitely see more closings in your pipeline.

As we come to the middle of fall, now is a good time to plant seeds for a strong year in 2020. It’s the best time to start developing new habits, so that you see more closings in 2020!

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