4 Tasks Realtors® Should Do Every Day to Drive Success

by | Oct 30, 2018

If there is one thing I’ve learned about my many years working in the field of real estate, it’s that it is better to do something—anything—than nothing at all. Specifically, if you are just starting out as an agent and you’re not sure where to begin, just take the first step (whatever that may be). But, if you’re not sure where to get started: here are 4 activities that top real estate agents do every day.

  1. Plan your day.
    Either the evening before or first thing in the morning, it’s important to plan your day. This means that you make a list of the activities you need to accomplish and you go about crossing them all off before the day is done. This list might include activities related to a transaction in process, follow-up calls, document or contract creation, research for a prospective client, etc. No matter what’s on the list, top real estate agents always plan their day.

  1. Generate leads.
    Each and every day must include some lead generation. This activity might include contact with past clients, friends, family, the sphere of influence, calling expired listings and door knocking among other things. Lead generation might be as simple as a lunch date with an old friend or attending a local event and the happy hour that precedes it. Top real estate pros generate leads each and every day and often use a CRM, daily planner, or journal to document their contact.

    Most of the real estate training and coaching programs boil down to one thing and one thing only: making your calls to generate your leads. The Core Training Inc. has something that they call a Greatness Tracker, which essentially is a table where you log every call you make and encourages you to make 10 calls a day, with the goal of setting as many appointments as you can—from coffee to lunch and beyond.

    Top real estate agents that are gifted at lead generation, plan their day in order to make that lead generation matter. Like the Greatness Tracker, the Pipeline Planner is another tool you can use which has spots each day where you can plan and list the leads you are working on and you can document your lead generation activities.

  1. Participate in Enrichment Activities.
    You don’t get to the top by thinking you know everything. You get there by learning. This may include attending office meetings, local lunch and learning events, online webinars among other things. With a constantly changing market and new emerging technologies, the key to the success of the superstar agent is to learn something new every day.

  1. Spend Time on Yourself
    One of the most worrisome parts of the field of real estate is when agents live and breathe real estate without even having a moment for themselves. It’s concerning when an agent wakes up early and goes to bed at night doing all sorts of real estate related tasks on the computer without time for family or themselves. Top real estate agents block out time each day to exercise, participate in family activities, or even just read to their children a story before bedtime. Top real estate pros successfully balance work and home life and can sway effectively between both worlds without letting one dominate the other.

Recently, I finished reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. It’s the story of how the Nike brand came about, and the hard work, devotion, and passion of Knight and his core team. If there is something to be learned from that story, it’s that it is important to stay the course, to never give up, and to be sure that you love what you do.

That’s the final thing that successful real estate pros have in common. They love what they do—which makes it easy to do every day. So take a cue from the list above and from Knight’s book, and you’ll be well on your way to a super successful career in real estate.

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